Xact Mixers - Mobile Volumetric Concrete Batching Mixers
Mobile Concrete Batching Mixers

We manufacture the only true modular volumetric concrete mixer on the market. Unlike other volumetric mixers, all of our mixers main components accessible and can easily be unbolted for service & replacement.

21st Century's Concrete - the most innovative mixers avalable:

  • 50 degree Aggregate bins for optimum flow of materials onto the conveyor
  • Low Mixer weight, as commercial vehicle laws change you will find our mixer reaches expected new legislation.
  • An 8 metre mixer that carries 8 metres
  • The latest safety features are included as standard – we listen to our users
  • Auto greasing system means less operator maintenance
  • Lower centre of gravity of volumetric mixer on truck chassis for added safety and handling

"Our new generation of volumetric concrete mixer is an ideal tool for the construction and concrete industries. We are committed to producing the highest quality and most innovative volumetric concrete mixer in the world, yet it must be simple to use and maintain."

Sizes of mobile or static volumetric mixers range from 4m3, through to just under 10m3, capacities - and even larger custom units. We have a mixer to suit your every need - Direct from the manufacturer - be it for concrete, screed or foam concrete. Compare our mixers and prices to know the difference.